In two words:  Our People!

 This is the #1 reason why our current Associates evaluate Advantage as being a ‘Great Place to Work.’  We take pride in our People, the teamwork that we nurture and the personal relationships we foster.  This working environment is what guarantees, not only a great place to spend your working life, but also our motivation and at the end of the day, our success!  Success for both our People, who grow professionally and our company, which continuously achieves rocket-high growth figures.

 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

 Wonderful things can happen by diverse teams in an inclusive work environment, where every person feels that they truly belong. 

 Diversity means having a team that reflects our clients and the communities in which we operate.  Inclusion means ensuring all People have a say in what goes on at Advantage.  And finally, we want nothing less than having all our Associates feel they belong to our team and that they are truly appreciated and valued for what they bring to the Advantage family.

 Our People are involved in all facets of our operation, from designing our solutions and processes to deciding on our Club and CSR activities.

  •  Actively involved:

o   We have an Associates’ Club which organizes social and athletic events

o   They decide on which organizations we support through our “Giving Back to Society” initiatives

  • Have a voice:

o   We organize annual associate surveys and take action based on our People’s needs and suggestions

o   They have personal meetings with our CEO on a very important service milestone:  their 1st anniversary with Advantage

o   They elect our Club Coordination Committee who organize our associate activities (Social, Athletic, etc.)

  • Always “up to date”:

o   Our internal newsletter is regularly circulated with information on all company areas, internal activities, upcoming events and Associates’ articles

o   We organize quarterly company-wide meetings for full updates on our projects, plans, results.


 Advantage is a fast-growing company with a proven track record, offering significant career advancement opportunities to its People.  We invest in developing their skills and knowledge through on and off the job training, while covering our staffing needs through promoting from within, prior to hiring from the market.

 Career development

 At Advantage you will be given opportunities to evolve and grow.  Because we have so many different jobs and projects in so many different places, it is certain that you will develop both professionally and personally, having gained such multi-dimensional and multi-cultural experience.

 Your career and professional development is a partnership between you and your coach, in line with our corporate values, which drive all actions and initiatives at Advantage.  As much as we’re here to support you, we believe that it is you who should drive your career development plan, with us being here to assist you, providing the framework, tools and resources you need to succeed.

 In this respect we may cover costs for educational materials, courses, conferences and certifications.

 Life @ Advantage

 If you join us, you will find all the excitement and intellectual stimulation of a startup, minus the fads and pretension.  We don't work 90-hour weeks, but we do work in an effective manner. We don't think it's old fashioned to have a sensible business model and we enjoy working with smart and committed, like-minded people.

 We believe in offering a balanced professional/personal lifestyle. Your wellness is extremely important to us and so we take several initiatives to help this, by identifying what reflects the changing needs and wants of our People.

 Events and Activities

 Whether it's team building, outdoor activities with colleagues, a presentation on the book you last read, we constantly seek to organize activities that offer you the opportunity to do what you enjoy most. Some of the activities we have organized up to now include paintball games, sailing lessons, museum visits, coffee-tasking, cooking contests, a ping-pong tournament, attending a TEDx Academy conference and so much more!

 Follow us for more information on what goes on @ Advantage:

 Compensation and Benefits

 We want People to stay with us, that is why we pay not only according to company results and team/individual performance, but also based on your tenure with our company.

 We make life @ Advantage even better through a set of benefits covering health, family, must-haves and awesome extras:


  • Medical insurance for you and your family
  • Life & accident insurance
  • Business travel life insurance
  • Doctor @ premises & fully equipped Doctor’s office

 Learning & Development

  • Educational expenses’ reimbursement
  • Language Lessons
  • Conferences
  • Certifications 

Working Environment

 We offer a team oriented working atmosphere in our modern and functional facilities in Athens & Thessaloniki that make everyday life at the office truly enjoyable.

Our offices in the southern Attica suburbs with a convenient location for those who use either choose public transportation (bus & tram) or travel with their own vehicle.

Our premises at Thessaloniki are located at Pylaia offering close proximity to both the airport & the center of Thessaloniki.